The Half-Assed Blogger

Here’s a nice picture of the beautiful, awful bindweed I discovered today after I thought I pulled it all yesterday. Posted from Instagram where I am “halfassedgardener”

So here’s the thing.   I would not consider myself to be a “digital native”.  In fact, I’m probably not even using that term correctly.  What I mean to say is that I am not very comfortable with a computer or anything associated with a computer.  I don’t know what words mean, what acronyms stand for, or how to make things do things.  And yet.  I like to write, and I like to take pretty pictures of plants.  So here I am, having a blog that nobody reads!  Hi, five people from yesterday!

This is just to explain that I have this blog, a Facebook page, and an Instagram account, and none of them are the same, and they aren’t very good.  I am actually even more half-assed about this venture than I am about my gardening, which is really saying something.

As previously mentioned, I started this blog in 2012, maybe before “homesteading” was such a loaded term.  And maybe just as more people were actually starting to do that in a serious way!  I did have ambitious goals, but I was never realistically going to have a “homestead”.  I was just being folksy!  But the thing is, that term is kinda played out now, and also people are legit doing it!  Like, on my block!  So I have to retire that term for myself, out of respect and self-respect.  So at first I was going to be “the half-assed human”, because believe me, I am half-assed in all areas of my life.  But, I just realized that I will be writing about my garden like 90% of the time, and also half-assed human just sounds weird.  So, I settled on “The Half-Assed Gardener” . I don’t like it as much as the half-assed homesteader, but it will do.  This is where things get complicated.

WordPress will let me change the name on my pages, but not in my actual site address.  So my pages say gardener, the address says homesteader.  So far I can’t get Facebook to let me change the site name so it’s homesteader over there.  Instagram let me change though, so I’m gardener there.

Oh and finally, I really enjoy photography, but I have a lot of conflicted feelings about it, but more importantly I don’t have the time to really play with taking or editing pictures, nor do I want to spend money on a fancy app.  So a good 90% of the time my pictures are nowhere near as nice once they are on the site as I thought they were going to be.

So, that’s it.  Half-assing everything, as usual.  Just a brief explanation of why everything I do is janky.

And a beautiful, awful web, sign of spider mites.



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