About my half-assed self

So, who even am I?  Why am I here on the internet talking about my weird little yard and life to strangers?  Well, I’ll give you the gist.

I lived with my grandparents growing up, in Arkansas.  I remember my grandma growing things, baking, putting things up, always in the kitchen.  I took it for granted.  When I was nineteen I moved into a big house with a big backyard and somehow I decided to start a garden.  I busted my ass.  This was like, 1999, there was no internet with directions on how to do this, I had never heard of raised beds, compost, etc etc.  I dug a big shitty hole in the ground and put some plants in it and it was AMAZING.  It changed my life!  After that I was just so obsessed with plants, and I just had this weird knack for it.  Fast forward several years, to me living in Chicago, and just feeling like my job working as an office manager at an “adult website” was maybe not my ultimate career path.  I ended up going to community college and getting a degree in Horticulture.  I did some really seriously super rad internships, maybe I’ll write about them one day.  Moved to Portland, because Portland rules.  Worked for a few years as a propagator and doing crop care for a commercial nursery.  I really loved it and I really hated it, and then I got pregnant, and things got weird, and suddenly I was a stay-at-home mom.  Got bored of that REAL fast.  Decided it was time to go in another direction and went back to school to become a teacher.  I haven’t mentioned it, but all this time I was doing gardening with kids as like a hobby.  Ended up doing this crazy double-masters, science/gardening focused degree, then getting my dream job at my dream school.  And then, heeeeey, pregnant again!  And, back to being a stay-at-home mom.  That’s the professional stuff.  But what was I doing at home since 1999? Well, we bought a house in Portland, and I was quite ambitious.  I miss the absolute hell out of that garden.  And I learned so, so much from that experience.  We sold that in maybe 2013? And have been renting and moving ever since, because life is full of surprises.  So, it’s 2019, and we’ve just moved into this new house.  It’s still a rental.  But the woman who owns the house has told me I can do whatever I want to the yard, and I am taking her at her word.  And wow!  Had I forgotten how much I love plants!

So I guess that brings us up to date, with being overly verbose and also leaving a bunch of stuff out at the same time.  I guess I’m writing partly as a record of what I’m doing for myself and partly because I like the sound of my own voice if I’m being honest.  I honestly expected that literally ZERO people would ever read this, but somehow I ended up with 3,000 fans or whatever on Facebook, so that’s confusing.  And I had the best intentions of posting once upon a time and then that time became seven years, so who knows if I’ll ever even update this again.  Plus, nobody even reads blogs anymore, right?  So, that’s the “About Me” portion of this.  And I left the original one before, because, cute, right?

“The truth?  I’m not very much of an urban homesteader.  Sure, the list of edible plants in my backyard sounds impressive, and I’ve got chickens, and occasionally I do something fancy like make cheese.  But while my goals are lofty and include many multisyllabic buzzwords (sustainability! permaculture! whatever else is on the Whole Foods website) my reality is this: I have a three year old who loves to “work in the garden”, which most recently has included the scenario “Mama, look I am hoeing out the beet seedlings!” (Head smack.) I am finishing up my undergrad and about to enter what may be a fairly strenuous graduate program. I used to grow plants for a living and now when it becomes anything remotely joblike at home I suddenly find it imperative to spend five hours on the internet.  And lastly, really?  I am inherently pretty damn lazy and occasionally lacking in common sense, patience, and, um, money.

So please don’t look to me for advice.  I’m about sharing my adventures, because it’s fun to talk about, and because I like the idea of a community of people discussing the reality of their situations without judgement.  I love trying to do as much for myself as I can, because it’s better for the Earth, it’s a good thing to teach my daughter about, and it’s FUN, but I only do it to the best of my current ability, and I hope that that is better than not at all.  If this sounds like something you are interested, then please read on and feel free to share!”

9 thoughts on “About my half-assed self

  1. Laughing out loud as I had exactly the same experience with peaches this summer in CT. Took 2.5 minutes to pick 20 lbs of beautiful, huge white peaches with very clingy pits. First time canning and my peaches were fragrant, macerated mush. I just cracked the first jar, and they taste…very much like commercially canned peaches but with the texture of commercially canned pears. Oh well. At least they are a beautiful genuine peach color. Fun blog. Keep it up.


  2. Love writing your style. I exhaled with a chuckle a couple times and may have even said “LOL” out loud because, well, it’s 2019 and that’s the replacement for laughing these days. Also, love your purpose and what you’re doing. Inspiring. Bravo.


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