Spider Mite City

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Wham bam, thank you ma’am!

Did you know that when you Google “spider mite infestation”, it auto-fills to “spider mite infestation in human”?  Apparently that’s not even a thing, so WHY THE HYSTERICS GOOGLE.  Is it because Google is watching me and got a kick out of seeing the expression of horror and disgust I made as I read that?

So, you might have guessed I have some spider mites.  (Aside: I’m so out of practice!  I mean, I should really, really be able to diagnose spider mites, and yet there I was, posting it on FB, looking for help.  And of course, as soon as the person responded with a suggestion, it was obvious.)  Anyway, I was pretty sure it was a sucking insect, because it had that yellow stippling, but I never saw any culprits or any webbing.  But, I guess mites are pretty dang small, and also the center of this plant has a ton of dead mush and dry material, like most of the plants in this yard.  (The people who were here before clearly were not as obsessed with gardening as I am.  Which is reasonable.) I also would have expected the neem to do SOMETHING, but who knows.  Maybe I didn’t get the underneaths well enough.  So, I just hacked back this three-foot-tall rosemary that was looking super rough by about two-thirds, and I’ll neem it again tomorrow, and keep my fingers crossed.  I’m seeing the same pattern on a Veronica next door to it so I cut that back some as well and will neem it again as well.

So.  I guess that’s it.  I did some other weeding, in the “crabgrass lawn” (a perennial bed in the front yard that looked like a full-on crabgrass lawn) , and just some other basic maintenance.   And also, I just woke up to realize that I had fallen asleep on the couch while writing this, and had written a sentence of complete gibberish about writing a collaborative email.

I think it might be time for bed.